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Major Ports

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Port of Montego Bay

The Port Authority of Jamaica acquired the Port of Montego Bay in 1986.  It is the island’s second international port.  Port Handlers Limited, a private company, manages the port through a management contract.  The facilities include:

  • A 2694 m2 cruise ship terminal
  • Approximately 427 metres of berth
  • 1.2 hectares of yard space for container storage
  • 1858 m2  warehouse

Operations include both cargo and cruise ship activities, where Berths 5 and 6 are used exclusively by cruise ships.

Ocho Rios

The Port of Ocho Rios consists of two facilities:

  • Reynolds Bauxite Pier owned by BATCO and used at times to dock cruise ships;
  • A dedicated cruise ship pier owned by The Port Authority of Jamaica and managed by Lannaman & Morris Shipping.

The Reynolds Pier is 274.3 metres long with a recommended vessel draft of 12.2 metres and accommodates both passenger and cargo vessels.  The cruise ship pier has two berths—Berth One is 222 metres and Berth Two is 274.3 metres long.  The recommended draft is 9 and 9.75 metres respectively.

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